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28 South William Street, Dublin 2

16 Kincora Avenue, Dublin 3


Anne Hughes  M.A (hons.), Dip Acu.(hons.), Dip.Nat. Dip herb.

  - Canadian trained, advanced-acupuncturist, herbalist & naturopath -


Acupuncture and herbal medicine are safe, powerful and drug-free holistic therapies used for over 3000 years to restore health, prevent disease and improve well being.




Acupuncture has been used successfully by millions of people worldwide and involves using painless hair-thin needles to stimulate the body's own natural healing response.


While the naturally occuring chemicals in herbs have a direct and measurable effect within the body, the effectiveness of which has been supported by  scientific research.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine are the most popular holistic medicine therapies chosen to resolve painful conditions like back ache, shoulder pain, migraines, whiplash and sports injuries.

But did you know that they acupuncture and herbal medicine can also be used with great success for conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, skin problems and digestive complaints?

To find out more about what acupuncture, herbal medicine and naturopathy treat, how they work and how they could benefit you, please browse through this site using the navigation panel on the left.


If you would like to get in touch for a no-obligation enquiry, call Anne today at 087 624 9555 or e-mail her at annehughes@live.ie




Mission statement:


To provide you with an exceptional level of  service in acupuncture, herbal medicine and naturopathy in Dublin.

To use traditional medicine therapies of proven effectiveness to ensure you achieve optimum well being.

To help you maintain good health by providing individually-tailored, holistic lifestyle and healthy eating advice.



28 South William Street, Dublin 2
16 Kincora Avenue, Dublin 3

 087 624 9555

- Acupuncture, Herbalism, Naturopathy, Dublin -



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